Sustainable Retirement Income

Protect your dignity, independence, and financial security.  Sustainable Retirement Income emphasizes the preservation of principal of your accounts and creates income distributions that will adjust for inflation over time to preserve the purchasing power of your income so you can live the lifestyle you envision without compromise when you leave work.

Create a stream of income that will adjust for inflation over time which is composed mainly or entirely of interest from your investment portfolio or IRA to preserve the principal of your account and maintain the purchasing power of your income distributions through retirement so you can remain independent and secure with confidence that you will never be a burden to anyone and you will have money to spend. 

We present all Sustainable Retirement Income solutions in terms of the reasonable and expected “net to you”, which is what you will receive after the true impact that taxes, inflation, fees, common economic events, and sustained adverse market conditions will have on investment returns as they relate to the achievement of your sustainable income goal so you can plan your future lifestyle confidently knowing what you will be able to safely spend without running out of money in all conditions. 

Enjoy confidence knowing your investments are aligned with your goal of creating sustainable income for the long term and managed by an experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional to give you every advantage possible.  We present your plan to you with interactive charts and easy to understand summaries so you can clearly see how our suggestions and will help you achieve your goal of creating Sustainable Retirement Income in all market conditions before you make any decisions.

Whether you plan on retiring in a few years and want to know what you will be able to spend or if you have already separated from service and want the most competitive income from your retirement accounts, a Sustainable Retirement Income plan from D.R. MARTIN AND ASSOCIATES, LLC will help.

Is your retirement income plan sustainable?  Find out today.