Objective Based Investment Management

Professionally managed fee based investment portfolios specialized to deliver clearly defined objectives like growth, sustainable income, tax savings, or security without unnecessary risk or speculation that keep you on track for the long term.

Objective based investment management from D.R. MARTIN AND ASSOCIATES, LLC emphasizes portfolio construction to achieve specific goals enabling you to meet desired objectives such as growth, sustainable income, tax savings, or security efficiently and without unnecessary risks or speculation.

We believe that enabling specialized objective based investment solutions to achieve your aspirations is the key to successful financial planning and effective long term investment management.  Consequently, our clients can choose across the full range of asset and liability classes, capital markets, currencies, and geographic borders to invest their accounts to achieve their goals on their terms.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing your investments are aligned with your aspirations for the long term and managed by an experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional to give you every advantage possible.

Helios, your digital financial portal provides a daily snapshot of your holdings showing where everything is across institutions and what it is worth without the burden of aggregating statements at no cost to you as a valued client of the D.R. MARTIN AND ASSOCIATES, LLC so you can make investment management decisions of the highest quality consistently when you direct your plans with us.

Are the investments you hold the best tools for the job?  Let's find out today.