Integrated Financial Planning

The Integrated Financial Planning process looks at the investments you have in place today to find out if they can reasonably achieve your personal financial goals. And if no, why not?  

If your goal is a destination, then an Integrated Financial Plan is the map you use to get there safely with no surprises.  Our Integrated Financial Planning process, which is more direct and transparent than what is practiced at most financial services firms today, will clearly identify beneficial investments you already hold that are moving you toward your goals and detrimental areas or deficiencies that will jeopardize your future success with specific, unbiased recommendations from an experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Practitioner to keep you on track for the long term and ultimately achieve or exceed your goals. 

We illustrate where you are relative to your desired objectives and recommend you investment strategies that will deliver your objective concisely without unnecessary risk and speculation.  We take the time to explain all potential solutions in terms of the reasonable and expected “net to you”, which is what you should expect to receive, clearly illustrating the true impact that taxes, inflation, fees, and common economic events will have on investment returns as they relate to your goal using interactive charts and easy to understand summaries so you can clearly see how our suggestions and will help you achieve your goal, before you make any decisions.

We present our progress to you with Helios, a digital financial portal which provides both of us with a secure 360-degree view of your accounts allowing for online collaboration at any time on your mobile device or tablet so you are never far from personal guidance or the answers you need. 

This innovative resource will keep you organized and engaged across all your holdings with a daily snapshot of your progress without the burden of aggregation at no cost to your as a valued client D.R. MARTIN AND ASSOCIATES, LLC so you can consistently make management decisions of the highest quality when you work with us.

Are you using the most effective framework to secure your future lifestyle?  Find out today.