A Higher Standard

People think all financial planners are “certified” and all financial advisors are “fiduciaries,” but this isn't true. 

That is why professional designations and a fiduciary standard aren't optional, they make good sense and follow sound business logic.

Uncertified planners and Financial Advisors are just salespeople who don't legally have to act in your best interest under the suitability standard that exists today.  This means they can use their own company's products for higher fees or present an annuity or insurance product as a retirement plan when it truly isn't. This can expose you to real financial danger and leave you out of options. 

Incomplete plans fail when you need them the most.

CFP® certification is recognized as the highest standard of competence and ensures your planner has years of relevant experience with a deep knowledge of financial planning.  Only those who meet the CFP Board's rigorous experience and educational requirements may use the marks.

With a CFP® professional you know that you're working with an experienced fiduciary partner acting in your best interests to improve financial outcomes and protect what is important to you.  Are you ready to see the difference? 

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